Research at Gandhi College

Research is one of the important activities of Gandhi College. Gandhi College has completed a detailed socio-economic profile of Mirdha and nearby villages during which college students were trained in social survey and data collection. The following research projects have been completed at the college.

1. Impact of climate variability on agricultural production and productivity in agricultural region eastern U.P. and neighboring regions.

2. S. munja based handicrafts for women employment and livelihood.

3. Nutritional justice to children.

These projects are funded by Department of Science and Technology of Government of India.


Mike Wallace and J. Shukla: Aeronet station, Gandhi College (February 2010).

Mike Wallace, J. Shukla, and Sonia Shukla checking the thermometers 
in the weather observatory at Gandhi College (Febraury 2010).

Village – Mirdha Post Office – Beruarbari District – Ballia (UP) 277006, INDIA