Jiwrajka Library

Gandhi College has an excellent library; it is named after Shri Bhagirathmal and Shrimati Narbadabai Jiwrajka, 
whose children have made generous contributions to build and support the library. The library was inaugurated on 28 December, 2004 by Mr. Santosh Jiwrajka and Mrs. Kiran Jiwrajka.




Shri Bhagirathmal Jiwrajka and Shrimati Narbadabai Jiwrajka

  Shri Bhagirathmal Jiwrajka was born on November 14, 1925 in Nawalgargh, Rajasthan. He got married at sixteen and moved to Mumbai. Initially he worked in accounting in a Textile Company, but by 1960 he became an independent businessman focusing on Yarn brokerage. He was a compassionate man and enjoyed entertaining his friends. He was a deeply religious man and and used to go to the annual Ranisathiji mela in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan every year. He made generous donations for uplifting his village. He died of Alzheimer on September 17, 2002.
  Shrimati Narbadabai Jiwrajka was born on May 1927 in a town called Sujjangargh in Bihar. Later her family moved to Baggard in Rajasthan. She was married at 14 and came to Mumbai after marriage. She currently lives with her youngest son Surendra at Worli, Mumbai. She loves to travel in India and abroad.
  Shri and Shrimati Jiwrajka have three daughters (Sumitra Nanagalia, Manju Chirawawala and Aruna Kanodia) who live in Mumbai, and five sons (Santosh, Ashok, Vinod, Dilip and Surendra). Santosh lives in New Jersey, USA; Vinod is a physician who lives in California, USA; and Ashok, Dilip and Surendra are in business and live in Mumbai.

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Santosh and Kiran Jiwrajka, Nikhil and Neha

  Mr. Santosh Jiwrajka is vice-president for Quality Assurance for Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide in Johnson & Johnson. He was born on March 28, 1949 in Mumbai, India. He received a B.Sc. (1968) from University of Bombay, BS (Chemical Engineering) from Michigan Technology University, USA (1971) and MS (Management) from Polytechnical University of New York (1974). 
  Mrs. Kiran Jiwarjka was born in Varanasi, and later moved to Kolkatta. She passed her B.Sc. from Banaras Hindu University in 1975. She has three brothers (Vijay, Sushil and Sajjan Agarwal) and two sisters (Munni Bajaj and Neelu Jhunjhunwala).
  Santosh and Kiran were married on March 11, 1978 in Kolkatta. They have two lovely children: Neha (born 7 July, 1983), who is currently studying at the Northwestern University, USA for a bachelor's degree in Business, and Musical Theater, and Nikhil ( born 23 August, 1987) who is in his final year of high school. Santosh and Kiran love walking, traveling, music, and entertaining friends.

students in library
Students at work inside the library.



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