Friends of Gandhi College

On 31 March 2013, the following persons met in Rockville, Maryland and decided to form a group named 'Friends of Gandhi College' (FOGC):

Mike and Susie Wallace
Arthur and Susie Bass
Ashok and Usha Padia
Santosh and Kiran Jiwrajka
Mark and Barbara Cane
David and Susan Straus, and Emily
Jay Fein and Elizabeth Fein 
J. and Anne Shukla, and Sonia
(Ken Mooney, Peter Webster, and Tim and Gill Palmer could not attend)

The FOGC group discussed the future of Gandhi College, and in particular, how to ensure that the college achieves excellence in teaching and education and expands the intellectual horizons and social consciousness of students who study there. Gandhi College should strive towards providing holistic education: exposure to art, music, sports and social issues. FOGC would like to see the college as a shining example of honesty, good and transparent management, and long-term mission of improving the lives of rural students, their families, and their localities. The FOGC group felt that once Gandhi College is recognized as a unique college, it will be easy and natural to attract students and visitors from other cities in India and abroad. The group recognized that the college is not there yet, but it can achieve such a status in 2-3 years.

The FOGC group expressed its readiness and willingness to help in raising funds, and inviting visitors from abroad. Following the meeting, Professor Mike Wallace sent an email to other friends and colleagues to solicit their support for Gandhi College.

Village – Mirdha Post Office – Beruarbari District – Ballia (UP) 277006, INDIA